About Promoathletes.com

  • Coaches, Recruiters and Scouts sign up for free. (E-mail
    info@promoathletes.com for sign up instructions
  • Connect with other players, coaches and recruiters
  • Generous referral program. Invite others to join and get cash when they become a member
  • Create a player bio, upload video and pics, feature your stats and other information
  • Upload or Embed videos from YouTube or other video sources
  • Schedule your games, showcases and tournaments and invite your friends
  • Your bio page will contain no unsightly advertisements that would distract people for your profile
  • Network MP3 Player – Listen to any or all of the MP3.s uploaded by anyone on the network.


What’s this all about? Our goal at Promoathletes.com is to help you promote yourself to potential college scouts, recruiters, pro scouts and select league coaches. We want to help you take your sport to the next level.

Who is this for? Our focus is on the amateur athlete. High School and Pre-High school aged player.

What kind of site will it be? We will be a social network (Facebook or Myspace type for athletes)

What are some of the features? Forums, Blogs, Chat, Video Chat, Message System, and much more.

Why a paid subscription site over a free recruiter site? with a paid membership site like Promoathletes.com you will have no distracting advertisements on your page. With all “free” sites you are over run by ads and other free members sending spam. This site is for the serious athlete who wants to further his or her sports career. By charging a subscription fee it will eliminate some of these problems



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